Monday, June 21, 2010


This is it! I am in Philadelphia and have just finished the last step in becoming an official Peace Corps trainee. We turned in forms and had about 5 hours of orientation about what to expect over the next couple of days and what Peace Corps expects of us as volunteers. Tomorrow we get yellow fever shots and fly to Paris, then on to Burkina Faso. We spend a day in the capital, then we go on to the training site for a few days. After that we meet our host families and the fun begins. There are 57 volunteers in our group and another group went to Burkina Faso a couple of weeks ago. The folks in our group will be working on health issues, small enterprise development, and the project I am on, the education and empowerment of girls.

Over the past three weeks I have had a great visit with each of my daughters and their families. It was good to stock up on a lot of grand kid time to hold me over until they come visit me in Burkina Faso. I will probably not be able to post again for a week or so, but should have more to say about the county and program at that time.

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  1. Safe travels Mom! Sending you lots of love and prayers and we can't wait to hear about Burkina Faso!