Sunday, May 23, 2010

Today was graduation at JCU. Attending was my last official duty as Professor. Now I can orient our new faculty member, who will be teaching the classes I have taught for the past 26 years, and finish emptying drawers and closets at home for my house sitters. A week from today is my going away party and then I am off to visit family until Peace Corps staging in Philadelphia on June 21. This note is primarily to let folks who signed up as “followers” see if the system works the way I think it does. I am sending an e-mail to those on my e-mail list. As soon as I know that people are getting messages from blogspot, I will remove the names of followers from my e-mail list so I don’t annoy you twice. I understand you can sign up without your name appearing on the blogspot list, so if you are one of those and want me to take you off my e-mail list, let me know.

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